Beautiful Brentwood is the 18th largest city in the State of Tennessee in resident population.  It has some of the area’s most beautiful homes.  Much of the land that makes up Brentwood today was granted to revolutionary war soldiers by the state of N.C. during the 1700’s.  By the time of the civil war, this little Middle, TN community had become one of the richest and most prosperous in the state, with its businesses and plantations flourishing.  During the war, many of the beautiful old plantations were occupied by both the union and confederate soldiers.  By the end of the war, most were in ruin.  In the 1920’s Brentwood was “rediscovered” and many of the plantations were lovingly restored.

One of the town’s greatest attractions is the historic Victorian farmhouse called Cool Springs House, which was built in the 1830’s.  This historic house was moved to Brentwood’s CrocketPark, where it is now the focal point of the park’s historic preservation area.  It is available for weddings, receptions, commercial gatherings, and retreats.

Crocket Park is host to many exciting events throughout the year.  The Nashville Symphony performs in the park as part of the summer concert series.  There are numerous events held throughout the year in all the city parks.

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