Forest Hills is a small residential city located in the southwest portion of DavidsonCounty. Incorporated in 1957, Forest Hills covers approximately 9.47 square miles, and in 1990 had a population of 4,231 residents.  As its name implies, Forest Hills is composed primarily of steep wooded hills. The growth and development of Forest Hills has resulted in the loss of most of the community’s eighteenth and nineteenth century dwellings. Forest Hills contains a number of significant houses built in the early twentieth century.  This section of Davidson county became a preferred area for country estates by the 1920s

Radnor Lake is located in Forest Hills and is a 957 acre state natural area and functions as an environmental preserve and plant and animal sanctuary.  The focal point of the scenic park is an 85 acre man-made lake, which served as a water supply for the steam engines operating at nearby Radnor Railroad Yards.  Later served as a hunting and fishing preserve for L&N Railroad executive and their guests.  In 1973 the Tennessee Department of Conservation, with the financial assistance of thousands of private citizens, purchased Radnor Lake.  Today this place is strictly for observation and the rules are enforced by the state of Tennessee.