NOTABLY the gateway to the south

DavidsonCounty and the city of Nashville have a rich architectural, cultural, and historical heritage. The Athens of south.

According to traditional history, Nashville was founded on Christmas Day, 1779, when James Robertson and a small group of men crossed the Cumberland River and camped on a bluff overlooking the frozen river.  Tennessee became the sixteenth state in 1796.

Nashville is the home of the TennesseeStateCapitolBuilding and is one of the most impressive government buildings in the nation. It was completed in 1859, a marble masterpiece of Greek Revival architecture, and is situated on the highest hill in downtown Nashville, and is the second oldest capitol building still in use in America. 

This spectacular city has experienced growth in population, business and industry, and education, currently Nashville metropolitan area is home to 1.9 million people and 533 square miles.