Historic Franklin features the Square as the focal point of this charming and quoint Nashville area. 

Franklin was founded October 26, 1799 and was named after Benjamin Franklin.

Rich in history and small town charm, just minutes from downtown Nashville.  The grand beauty of Victorian and antebellum architecture can be found everywhere back-dropped by the breathtaking, rolling countryside of Middle Tennessee.

The battle of Franklin was one of the most decisive of the civil War leaving over 8,000 dead or wounded in five hours of fierce fighting and turning every home and building in town into a hospital.  WilliamsonCounty settled down to an agricultural based economy after the war.  Tobacco became the main cash crop.  It took nearly 120 year for the county’s economy to reach pre-war levels.  The 1960’s began a period of rapid growth.  Today’s population stands at an estimated 150,000.

The annual Tour of Homes is scheduled by the Heritage Foundation each year in early June.  It has been the Heritage Foundation’s fortune to have a seemingly endless supply of willing homeowners with interesting and beautiful historic homes to feature.  These homes date back to 1940, each has been meticulously restored and retains a high level of historic integrity.

Franklin Houses/Condos Currently for sale 

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