12th South/MELROSE

The 12 South neighborhood, located just south of the Gulch, is a poster child for Nashville's development surge and soaring home prices. Entire blocks have been transformed in this residential area with freshly built, tall-and-skinny houses that have begun to outnumber the smaller, older homes and “Build like you live next door” yard signs. High-end retail stores, hip restaurants, gourmet cupcake and doughnut shops have sprouted up along the 12th Avenue retail strip, an area once associated with high crime. Amid the trendier options drawing new crowds.

Not far from downtown, antique stores line both sides of 8th Avenue. A collector’s haven, the area has become known as a premier antiques district and a must-stop for shopping lovers. Further south on 8th Avenue is the rapidly developing Melrose area. With an unassuming, local feel, you can grab a craft beer with friends, catch some live music, or go for an evening of fine dining